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The Governors Residence at Drottningholm, Photo: Fredrik Liljeström

Drottningholm Genealogy, Drottningholms Släktforskning, was founded at the Governors residence, Drottningholm in 2011. 
The company is owned by Yvonne Dider. Drottningholm Genealogy provide genealogical research with extensive experience and with the specialty of finding ”the impossible emigrant”.

Membership of several Swedish genealogical societies:
– Genealogical Society www.genealogi.net
Member Society of The Federation of Swedish Genealogical societies. www.osterlen.com/slaktforskning
– Lovö Home Region Society www.lovohembygd.com

CEO, Yvonne Dider (b. 1972) is a native Swede with roots both in the south and north of Sweden – nowadays living nearby Stockholm.

”I have been passionate about genealogy for some 30 years. Professionally, I have a profound background being university trained and then worked for several years as an Officer at the Swedish Airforce and for more than a decade also serving as Head of Security at the Swedish Royal Court. 

At the Royal Court, I have also been in charge of the business with guided tours on dailybasis at the Royal Palace, including the Royal Apartments, the Treasury, the Tre Kronor Museum and the Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

Before serving at the Swedish Royal Court and somewhat during my time in the Swedish Airforce, I was also studying Art History, Building Conservation and Architecture for several years at the University of Lund (founded in 1666), where I took my second university degree, the Diploma in Arts. Over the years – conducting genealogical research and by studying at the university – I have also learned paleography and archive knowledge.”

CEO, Yvonne Dider, is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.  Drottningholm Genealogy is a business partner to Hoerner Bank Aktiengesellschaft, one of the longest-standing and leading heir search firms in the world. With a tradition of over 160 years, Hoerner Bank Aktiengesellschaft are no newcomers to the complex field of international probate research and we are very proud to be part of their experienced and committed team and as such responsible for their search for heirs within Sweden.

Yvonne Dider.

Photo: Petter Magnusson. www.pettermagnusson.se

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