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SE LA 1742

Have you ever been thinking of investigating what ancestors you have in Sweden?

I can assure you that the joy of reconnecting with the old homeland is - even though it´s of course something very personal - a marvellous experience.

Most US citizens that go along on this kind of historical trip inside the archives get very pleased by doing it - and finally get some answers of questions that always have been there...

 I have extensive knowledge about the Swedish archives (such as for example church records and legal records) and I can read old Swedish script from centuries ago. Sweden has very old church records, in many cases from early 18th century and some parishes also have records from 17th century. This makes it sometimes possible to conduct research further back beyond 5 generations (from your emigrant ancestor that left Sweden in the mid- to late 19th century).

Don´t hesitate to send me an e-mail with details of your questions. I will reply to you as soon as possible, including a research suggestion for you. You are by this not tied up to a binding business agreement, this would be information for you and a suggestion from me, before we perhaps start some kind of research.

When we have agreed what kind of survey you want to order, you will pay a small down-payment and I will start the research. The final cost you will pay after delivery.  Drottningholm Genealogy use PayPal which is secure, safe, easy and practical.

It is possible to order these services online, by using the online ordering form to the right, or by sending me an e-mail to 
Or perhaps you want to call me? For contact please look here; Kontakt

You will get confirmation from me before any research will be conducted. As a customer - you will decide what shall be done or not.


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