The company - Drottningholm Genealogy

Drottningholm genealogy swedish roots genealogical societies Governors residence at Drottningholm. Photo: Mr Fredrik Liljeström.

Drottningholm Genealogy, Drottningholms Släktforskning, was founded at the Governors residence at Drottningholm in 2011.

The company is owned by me and I help you finding your Swedish Roots by doing genealogical research. I've got extensive experience of genealogical research throughout some 25 years.

I´m a member of several Swedish genealogical societies:
- Genealogical Society
Member Society of The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies.
- Lovö Home Region Society

For comission within the company Drottningholm Genealogy, I've got licens/subscription as follows: 
- Dannbergs Data for software "Min Släkt"
- ArkivDigital for ArkivDigital online
- Genline AB for Genline FamilyFinder
- Vismaspcs AB for website.


I´m a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

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Drottningholm Genealogy is a business partner to Hoerner Bank Aktiengesellschaft, one of the longest-standing and leading heir search firms in the world.
With a tradition of over 160 years, Hoerner Bank Aktiengesellschaft are no newcomers to the complex field of international probate research. I'm very proud to be part of their experienced and committed team and as such responsible for their search for heirs within Sweden.