What you and I need to know before we can get started

Before getting started with any kind of research it is important that you are able to supply me with enough information of your Swedish relatives.
If you are unsure about this part, don´t hesitate to contact me. I will help you and tell you what you need to find out - before I start my work in the Swedish archives, finding out where your ancestor - the emigrant - came from and then following the trail of his or hers ancestors backwards in time.

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies has compiled some very useful information within this site: Finding your Swedish Roots - Where to start

So, there are three major things you need to know before I can get started:
1. the full name (given name/names and surname) of the ancestor. Often emigrants left Sweden with a patronymic surname, and arrived in the US with a new surname... To find your ancestor in the Swedish Passenger lists the surname used in Sweden must be known.
2. the place (parish) where your ancestor was born. It is not enough to know the province (landskap), as each province has hundreds of parishes. The parish is the minimum requirement if I should be able to provide you with information on standard fee. 
3. the year your ancestor was born, and it is good to know both month and day also - especially when you have people with very common surnames (like for example "Svensson" or "Persson" (or "Svensdotter"/"Persdotter" for females)). 

Every little detail that you know can be very helpful in finding out and confirming the identity, when trying to find them in the Passenger Lists. (It can be helpful if you have information about the date of emigration or the place where you found your emigrant in the US (might be the place listed as the destination when they left)).
These things can most often be found in American sources (like the US Censuses, naturalization records, obituaries). 

Don´t forget to talk to your relatives! They might have really valuable genealogical information, like the family bible or old photos and letters from back home. (I would recommend you to make some notes also, about photos that you find, so that they won´t become anonymous in the future).

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