List valid from Jul 1st 2018.

The pricelist that was posted on the website the date the order was registred, is the pricelist that will be applied on the order.
1 SEK=approx. 0,12 USD
SEK=Swedish krona (kr)

Hourly based research 
540 SEK per hour (= approx 65 USD per hour), is charged per initiated 15 mins. 
Administrative fee for compiling the Research Report.


Fee for sending printed invoice by mail
50 SEK.
Fee for stamps and package
Is charged with the same pricing as the Swedish post office, Postnord.
Papercopy of archive documents or from printed material
Normally 2-5 SEK/page.
Travel expenses
Charged when we have an agreement saying that travelling is needed in order to be able to find relevant material.
Personal guiding (based on genealogical research) during your stay in Sweden
1.500 SEK per hour. (Please note that time for travelling and travel expenses will be added).

The wished/ordered result can unfortunately not always be guaranteed, due to the fact that archives may have been destroyed, contain unreadable text or are not available due to other reasons. This is very hard to foresee before starting the research.
The time spent on searching for information when using hourly based research will therefore be invoiced no matter if the wished result has been achieved or not (including a list of the archives/records that have been researched).

Due to Swedish Personal Integrity Law, genealogical research within the limit of 70 yrs from now is not allowed in Original Church Records.

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Drottningholm Genealogy is registred in Sweden, offering genealogical services.
When ordering from a registered company, you can feel safe that it is a serious and monitored business that you can trust and rely on.

You will always receive a digital invoice from Drottningholm Genealogy upon completion.
Invoice shall be paid within 20 days from issuing date.

After recieving the invoice you may pay:
- by wire to Swedish Swedbank company account 8327-9 923 789 839-1
- by using secure payment by PayPal.