Nov 25, 2020
”As a descendant of Swedish immigrants, I have tried doing the research myself to discover accurate data and images. I have retrieved data I thought was accurate but my efforts turned out to be incomplete and, in some instances, simply inaccurate.

Determined to obtain accurate information, I retained Yvonne Dider (Drottningholm Genealogy). She diligently pursued the data and provided a wealth of here-to-fore unknown information. She discovered data on a family line which was challenging and some said it was untraceable.

I was more than pleased with her efforts and her subsequent invoice for professional services rendered. I highly recommend her retention for genealogy research, as a client who has been provided exceptional professional service.”

Walter Lund Dutton
California, USA

Nov 28, 2019
”I stumbled across Yvonne’s company Drottingholm Genealogy via Google in my search for a Swedish genealogist who could research an ancestor of noble birth who left Sweden in the 1800s. I was instantly impressed with her credentials and research experience and I have to say that Yvonne totally lives up to all the reviews! Her communication was swift and efficient, and she was thorough in finding out my expectations of any research to be carried out. The work was completed very quickly and presented in a highly professional format – Karlberg military academy records, newspapers and estate inventories were scrutinised, relevant excerpts presented and findings summarised in English. The original documents in Swedish were photocopied and presented in pdf attachments. All sources were referenced. Yvonne’s attention to detail is faultless! All communication was very friendly and caring – Yvonne explained what the research findings meant and gave her opinion about the likely course of events behind my ancestor’s departure from Sweden that was the subject of a longstanding family ‘story’. There is still research to be done – maritime records to be looked at and further research at the Military Academy – and I will not hesitate to entrust this research into Yvonne’s very capable hands in the very near future.”
Rowan Fraser-Attewell, U.K.

Feb 14, 2016
”To Whom it May Concern: I searched the internet to find a responsible, trustworthy person to assist me in finding my roots in Sweden and perhaps locate any living relatives. I contacted several genealogists in Sweden and then located Yvonne Dider who is with Drottningholm Genealogy. She responded immediately. She explained in detail what she would do and what the costs associated with that search would be. After several emails with her I decided she was the person that I could put my trust with. The information that I gave her was at best sketchy, I had for the most part the proper names and the date of birth but as I found out later several of the names were modified once they came to America. Yvonne kept me up to date on the search with occasional emails and with questions. After about 5 weeks I received more information on my Swedish ancestors that I could have imagined. Yvonne Dider is extremely thorough and did more than I could have expected. She also sent me a great deal of information about Stockholm that will help when we travel to Sweden in May, 2016. Thank you Yvonne from my family and to those who are searching for their Swedish roots, my recommendation for her could not be higher.”
Jim Jussila & Family Billings, Montana USA

Feb 25, 2015
”I certainly can’t put into words what you have done for myself and my family. I have been doing family research for a number of years. I was quite successful on family lines regarding all but my GGrandfather and his emigration from Sweden. It was very frustrating as every document I found only listed his birthplace as “Sweden”. After a number of futile searches during the past year I finally decided it was time to consult with a professional researcher with roots in Sweden itself. After looking at a number of different sites I decided to contact Yvonne Dider and her company, Drottningholm Genealogy. Am I ever glad I did! I first contacted Yvonne with my information on a Friday, just prior to the Christmas season thinking we would probably get moving on research at the beginning of the New Year – not a chance! I heard back from Yvonne that weekend. She explained to me the proposed research and an outline of the hours she felt were needed to the different areas of research. A couple of days later the first bit of information arrived. Every day or so after that more tidbits would arrive. Yvonne was able to find my ancestors birth and emigration dates. She also uncovered siblings, parents and previously unknown family information which has lead to more meaningful research results from the time after they arrived in North America. Yvonne has sent not only pertinent information regarding my ancestors but also interesting tidbits regarding the area they came from, the origin of our family name, areas I can research on my own, etc. I feel I am working with a friend who is genuinely interested in me and my family history, someone who gets just as excited as I do when she uncovers new information regarding our family history. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone interested in finding lost trails in their families’ history. She is very professional and diligent in the work she does on your behalf.”
Garry Burch British Columbia, Canada

Nov 12, 2014
”To Whom It May Concern Regarding Genealogical Research by Yvonne Dider I hired Yvonne Dider to research the background of my great grandfather who emigrated from Sweden to Australia in the 1880’s. My mother knew nothing about him nor where he was from in Sweden. I wanted to have the mystery solved, yet was getting no-where on my own, because I did not know from which parish he came. I wrote to three genealogists with a specialty in Sweden, selected from listings by the Association of Professional Genealogists under that country. One didn’t respond; another responded a week or so later; Yvonne however responded immediately and with great enthusiasm and warmth, showing a great deal of interest in doing this research. Our first contact was late on a Friday; I fully expected that we would not begin discussion about the work to be done until Monday. But, she could hardly wait through the weekend to get started; she communicated with me several times and even made some preliminary discoveries before we even had a chance to agree to work together! Once we agreed on how many hours I wanted her to expend, she set to work. I was astounded at the degree of success that Yvonne had with her research, and with how quickly and thoroughly she did it. In no time – less than a week in fact – she had her report ready, complete with backup materials, including images of pages from old church records, old maps, and old photos of relevant places. All the while she communicated extremely well and consistently. Like a detective, she was able to deduce much about my forbearers’ economic and living conditions, correlating hints from their records with her knowledge of conditions in the country at those times. It was exciting to learn the exact address where my forefather had lived, see it on a map contemporary to that time, and so even be able to correlate it with Google maps and Google Street View! Also, it was very helpful to have her translate and explain the meanings and reasons for the many columns of entries in the old parish record books. Through her translations and explanations, I was able to learn interesting things about the Swedish culture and traditions of the times. It has been so much fun to have this branch of our family revealed! I even learned that my second and third great grandfathers were goldsmiths – perhaps explaining my excessive enthusiasm for interesting jewelry and my ”innate” talent for silversmithing! Working with Yvonne was my first experience working with a professional genealogist. She has set an exceptionally high bar that I am sure few others could achieve, with her professionalism, her thoroughness, her rapid work, and her great personal warmth and genuine interest and enthusiasm. If you need such services, you have found your genealogist. Look no further. Hire Yvonne Dider! She’s amazing.”
Anita Brosius-Scott Camden, Maine, USA

Sept 5, 2014
”När min pappa skulle fylla 70 år ville jag hitta något speciellt, som var personligt, något vi kunde dela och som jag kunde ge till en person som redan ”har allt”. Jag blev så glad då jag hittade Yvonne som kunde hjälpa mig att se hur släktforskning kunde paketeras på ett fint sätt. Vi fick inte bara veta mer om våra rötter, Yvonne hittade flera spännande fakta som vi inte kände till tidigare. Allt som Yvonne hittade fick vi snyggt och professionellt sammanfattat plus att hon gjorde ett mycket vackert handmålat släktträd. Det var underbart att se hur glad min pappa blev och det har blivit ett återkommande samtalsämne. Vi kommer säkert anlita Yvonne igen för få fram mer spännande uppgifter!” ”For my fathers 70th birthday I wanted to find a present that was personal, something that we could share, something that I could give to someone who already has ”everything”, and I wanted it to be something that would last. I was so glad and grateful when I found Yvonne who showed me how she could package professional genealogy research in a beautiful way. She didn’t just let me know more about my roots, Yvonne found out several very exciting facts that my father and I hadn’t heard of before. All Yvonnes research was neatly and professionally summarized in several documents, plus she also created a fantastic hand painted family tree. It was wonderful to see how happy and excited this all made my father on his birthday. This present is something we often talk about. I’m sure we will turn to Yvonne again in the future so that she can find more interesting stuff about our family!”
Pontus Bjurner Stockholm

Jun 18, 2014
”We are planning a family trip to Sweden to visit the homeland of my husband’s ancestors. I had some clues about our immigrant’s hometown but what we needed was more than could be done from the U.S. I’m enough of a genealogy hobbyist to know that we needed professional help and specifically, someone affiliated with the Association of Professional Genealogists. I sent out a few inquiries and Yvonne responded right away. She understood exactly what information we were looking for and was respectful of a quick turn-around time as we wanted answers before our trip. Yvonne provided thorough reports, charts, old maps, and photos of original documents (cursive is a long-lost art). In addition to the reporting, she gave background on the local culture as well as helpful translations. I feel as though we are truly getting to know these ancestors, getting a feel for their lives, relationships and livelihoods. They are no longer just names on a family chart. While the search along the paternal line ended a bit abruptly, Yvonne opened the door to three more generations in the material line. We had an old diary with names and places scattered about but no connection was made throughout the manuscript. Yvonne’s research allowed us to identify the relationships of some people which then made going back and re-reading the diary all the more meaningful. What impressed me most about Yvonne and her work was her thoroughness in answering questions and especially explaining the context of the town/times/culture. She also asked many questions, not just about time, budget and priorities but about the lives of the ancestors. She makes the names in the charts start to come alive and seems to care about our ancestors as if they were her own. Also, every report contained suggestions about what to do next. Whether it was research she could provide or giving instructions on how we could do our own research, she gave instruction, ideas and direction. Now that we have cemetery information and addresses of old homesteads our trip to Sweden will be truly personal and so much more rewarding. As excited as we are to visit, we can’t wait to put everything together and share with cousins and the next generation. Thanks to Yvonne!!”
Kristin Grip MA, USA

Apr 25, 2014
”Around 1970 my uncle in Sweden sent me a framed photo of a drawing of a lady. Now, forty five years later, I wanted to find out if she was a family member. Who could she be? The drawing contained clues, such as the type of hairdo and dress, as well as an illegible ghost of a signature and date. But I did not have the training to make anything of these clues. I found Yvonne Dider on the internet and contacted her about the matter. She helped me discover who the mystery lady in the drawing was: my second great grandmother! The detective work employed Yvonne’s ability to read the clues and determine when the painting was made, some digital photography, a brothers finding of some long lost letters – all quite exciting. Yvonne helped and guided the process of discovery in well written, detailed and concise emails. I am very pleased with the results.”
Hans Steuch Oregon, USA

Apr 23, 2014
”I approached Yvonne Dider to help with the family genealogy rather reluctantly, but am so incredibly grateful that I did! A group of dedicated cousins had been working for several years on our family genealogy with good results, but we were coming to a standstill. We had an unsourced Swedish line going back about five generations, but we were overwhelmed with the language, naming patterns and nuances in the Swedish records. When I contacted Yvonne, I explained that we wanted to confirm the main paternal line and possibly some of the maternal lines, so that we had a solid framework from which to work on our own. Yvonne promised to do her best and she produced great results. Yvonne explained what she was going to do and checked in with me on a regular basis so that I was fully aware of progress and costs. For a first time experience with a professional genealogist, it was wonderful and seamless. Yvonne was able to confirm our known line and was able to expand the framework considerably (back to the 17th century). What I most appreciate, is that Yvonne was so pleasant to work with and was so wise about which lines to pursue further and which to set aside. Yvonne produced exactly what she promised and presented her findings in a well-documented, understandable report. The cousins are ecstatic and readying to delve into the Swedish records with confidence, now that Yvonne has shown us the way. Thank you, Yvonne!”
Astrea Fatica TX, USA

Apr 3, 2014
”I am an American Swede. My mother is half Swedish and when she was 8 years old, her Swedish mother died from cancer. My mother briefly knew her grandparents before they died. My mother is now 73 years old and she has never known anything about her Swedish heritage beyond her grandparents. All the connections, names, relationships, details and dates disappeared as these people passed away and took it with them. For nearly 20 years I had researched, but had exhausted all my resources and all my ideas to uncover more of my Swedish family. I truly had hit a brick wall, there would be no moving forward. My mother would never know where she was from and who her ancestors were. In one final attempt, I reached out to Yvonne from the US for help with my Swedish genealogy and with VERY little information to work with, she accepted the challenge and searched for any information she could find. I had given her an impossible task with incredibly vague details. Partial names, sketchy dates, uncertain places, was all I had. After a few days, Yvonne was very disappointed to report that it just didn’t appear to be enough information to find what I needed. It was what I had expected and I accepted her answer. But, unbeknown to me – SHE DIDN’T GIVE UP! She continued to search and hunt and explore and research. Within a day I received another email saying that she had found who I was looking for! Suddenly, pieces were falling into place and generations could now be linked together. I think she was as excited as I was. It’s been about 6 months since I started my Swedish journey and as I have worked with Yvonne, I am no longer a client, I am a friend. As an American with no Swedish experience, Yvonne has not only given me names and dates and translations, but she has explained traditions and customs and history to me. I have appreciated that Yvonne has given me tips and resources so that I can try to help myself. She never hesitates to give me a suggestion or advice on ‘one more place’ to look for information. Yvonne wants me to be successful uncovering the Swedish branches of my family tree and sometimes when we talk about one of my ancestors and the circumstances of their life, I feel like Yvonne’s heart is also connected to them. Branches that had withered away and been lost with time are now alive and growing because Yvonne refused to give up. My 73 year old mother will shortly take a voyage with me to see Sweden and the land she comes from. It’s a gift I never could have given her without Yvonne’s determination.”
Stephanie Steiner UT, USA

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